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Round 1

Massouh rushes out to touch gloves but circles a bit before throwing his first leg kick. He lands two unanswered before Delgado begins trying to check them. Delgado misses with a punching combination but lands a high kick to Massouh's midsection as he fails to catch it.

Attempting a takedown, Massouh rushes in and holds onto a single leg takedown attempt, but lets it go to land an overhand right to the head on his opponent. They seperate and then Massouh goes for another takedown. He walks Delgado back into the cage and then holds him there with a single underhook while landing a half dozen or more knees to the legs of his opponent.

Delgado, breaks away and returns the fight to standing. He's working his jab and trying to find openings for leg kicks of his own. Massouh fires off a push kick, but Delgado answers with a nicer one which almost hits Massouh in the chin.

Massouh misses with a high kick and follows up by rushing in with a left-right combination, all three strikes miss but then he lands a high kick which finds a home around Delgado's shoulder.

Delgado sprints toward his opponent and takes him down with a double leg takedown. He keeps him on the mat until the end of the round and lands about five or six punches with his left hand while planting Massouh to the canvas.

Round 2

Delgado is feinting his jab, he fires a low kick of little consequence and then a high kick intended for Massouh's head but it barely misses.

Massouh attempts a superman punch, but lands a little short. He tries to fire off a couple punches but Delgado lands a counter right and Massouh pins him up against the fence. Delgado is cornered but lands a big knee to the body. Massouh is hunting for a leg sweep but Delgado is fighting it off well. He foot stomps Massouh and slaps on a headlock. Massouh puts his arm around the waist of Delgado and picks him up off the mat, but can't finish the slam. He lands a few knees and the referee breaks up the clinch.

Delgado steps in and lands a big uppercut, but Massouh backs away and then turns into the aggressor landing three unanswered low kicks. He through a fourth one waist high and Delgado catches it but Massouh pulls it back.

Delgado clips Massouh with a straight right hand and nearly knocks him out, but Massouh wakes up a split second later and is alert as ever. He dives in for a takedown attempt at the end of the round but the bell rings before he can try and finish it.

Round 3

Delgado lands a straight left hand and follows it up with two punches which sail by the head of Massouh. He then stops him in his tracks with a straight right hand as Massouh runs in for a takdown.

After regaining his senses he commits to another takedown attempt but as Delgado falls to a knee he delivers some mean elbows from the bottom. Massouh sneaks around the side of Delgado and attempts to take his back, but Delgado gains an underhook and starts to walk him around the cage. He's looking for a takdown and Massouh turns him into the cage looking to take control of the clinch. He lands two or three knees to the legs of Delgado before pulling him away from the fence and dropping him in the center of the cage.

Delgado scrambles and lands on top, but Massouh obtains full guard in an instant and ties him up well. Delgado moves him over to the fence and Massouh is swiveling his hips trying to walk up the cage and set up a triangle.

After about 30 seconds, Delgado works back to his feet and tries a guillotine as Massouh gets up after him. Massouh pops his head out and throws a guillotine of his own on Delgado. The pair fall to the mat and Massouh is on top , nearly in mount, trying to finish the submission. Delgado doesn't tap and time expires.

Final Result

Roli Delgado def. Jameel Massouh by Unanimous Decision [29-28, 29-28, 29-28].


Massouh attacks the legs of Delgado early in the fight, but loses the stand-up war to plenty of powerful strikes, including two which nearly knock him out. Any time he does manage to take the fight to the mat, Delgado either took over position or returned it to standing. Massouh nearly won the fight by guillotine in the final seconds, but it's too little, too late, and Delgado is saved by the bell.